Pieper as Visiting Professor:

1949, summer term

Freie Universität Berlin


1950, February-June

Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA


1956, March-June

Stanford University, California, USA


1962, March-June

Stanford University, California, USA


1967, October

University of Toronto, Canada ("Centennial Professor")


1970, July-August

Liturgy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (Priest-Course)



Christian Commonwealth Institute, El Escorial, Spain



Christian Commonwealth Institute, El Escorial, Spain


1987, February

International Academy of Philosophy, Liechtenstein.


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About Pieper:

Josef Pieper (1904-1997) was professor of philosophical anthropology at the University of Münster/Germany; he was a member of several academies and received numerous awards and distinctions, among them the International Balzan Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of humanities. [more...]


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