Dimensions of Being Human – Paderborn’s First Workshop on Josef Pieper’s Work for Doctoral Candidates

On July 10th, 2009 an evening of public lectures on Josef Pieper’s work took place at the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn. The center of the evening was Prof. Manfred Gerwing’s (Catholic University of Eichstätt) lecture with the title “More than History. Why Josef Pieper’s Theology is still Up-to-Date.”


Friday, July 10th, 2009

Public lectures at the Auditorium Maximum of the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn

6pm: Prof. DDr. Bernd Irlenborn (rector of the Faculty):

Welcome address to the participants and guests

6.15pm: Prof. Dr. Berthold Wald (director of the Josef Pieper Arbeitsstelle):

Josef Pieper. Perspectives for Interpreting his Work (in German)

6.45pm: Prof. Dr. Manfred Gerwing (Catholic University of Eichstätt):

More than History. Why Josef Pieper’s Theology is still Up-to-Date (in German)


Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Workshop for doctoral candidates at the hotel Aspethera

restricted number of participants; written application required

9am: Hendrik Holm (TU Dresden):

Reality and Truth. An Analysis of Josef Pieper’s Philosophy (in German)

11am: Andrea Ritter (Hochschule für Philosophie, Munich):

Existence and Human Existence – On the Relationship between Ontology and Anthropology in Josef Pieper’s Philosophy (in German)

1pm: lunch break

2.30pm: P. Albert-Henri Kühlem (Université de Fribourg/Suisse):

Faith and its Foundations in the Nature of Man according to Josef Pieper (in German)

4.30pm: Werner Friesdorf (Faculty of Theology in Paderborn):

Josef Pieper and the Liturgical Reform in the 20th Century (in German)

6pm: end of the workshop


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Ongoing Interest in Pieper [02/11/2009]

“The most important quality in an author is that he be alive.” Heinrich Wild, former manager of Kösel-publishing house in Munich, speaks from experience. However, this principle does not seem to apply to Josef Pieper, his mostly-read author - at least not in connection with the promulgation of his writings in foreign countries. Ten years after Pieper’s death, Kösel-publishing house counts the noteworthy number of 102 license contracts for new releases and translations that were closed between 1998 and 2008. For the first time in history Pieper’s books are now being read in Rumania, Hungary, Slovenia, Taiwan, China and Korea. In the USA a second publishing house has acquired altogether 23 licenses since 1998. Even the French language area, where Pieper had been hardly known up until recently, has bought 13 new licenses since 2005. In addition to the numerous Spanish editions, 14 new licenses have been obtained by an Argentinian publishing house since 2007. - All of this indicates that Pieper’s thinking is still very much alive.

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Pieper-Prize 2009 [10/19/2008]

The JOSEF PIEPER STIFTUNG (Josef Pieper Foundation) announced the second winner of the Josef Pieper-Prize on Friday, October 17, 2008 at a press conference. The prize is to be awarded to the French philosopher Remi Brague, who holds the chair in medieval philosophy at the Sorbonne (Paris) as well as the "Guardini-Chair" at the University of Munich.


The Josef Pieper-Prize is awarded every five years and is endowed with 15,000 Euro. The presentation of the award will take place in the course of a symposium from May 15 to May 17, 2009 at the city hall of Münster/Germany. The title of the symposium is "Europe in Search of Itself."


The first winner of the prize was the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor in 2004. Last year he received a lifetime achievement award in the form of the renowned Templeton Prize.

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The Pope's Philosopher [10/11/2008]

As early as 1989, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger anticipated the central topics of his papacy in his book To Look on Christ: Exercises in Faith, Hope, and Love, and without suspecting it. This book is dedicated to Josef Pieper "for his 85th birthday with gratitude and reverence." The subtitle alludes to Pieper’s book Love, Hope, Faith, which Ratzinger had read in preparation for his own book.


Accordingly, in the preface the cardinal writes: "This explains why the basic line of thought follows Pieper’s presentation (particularly in the third chapter); I also owe to him a number of felicitous quotes, especially from Thomas Aquinas. I myself contributed an extension of Pieper’s philosophical presentation in a Christian horizon to a theological and spiritual sphere."


In his review on the occasion of the completion of the edition of Pieper’s complete works (FAZ 09/19/2008), Manfred Gerwing refers to this connection. The text also published by FAZ.NET can be read here: [more...]

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About Pieper:

Josef Pieper (1904-1997) was professor of philosophical anthropology at the University of Münster/Germany; he was a member of several academies and received numerous awards and distinctions, among them the International Balzan Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of humanities. [more...]


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